Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well here we go with some parts manufacturing for the VCS P-35A replica project. The top shot is an original aircraft with the plates I want to duplicate. Fortunately I have the plans to build them . On the bottom picture is an original blueprint and the new parts that are manufactured from them. The size and shape is called out and all the dimensions as well (at least you hope). However allot of questions come up. Things such as materials and fasteners that no longer exist and trying to duplicate features without the convenience of an entire aircraft factory at your disposal! But you press on and lay out, cut, joggle, drill and rivet. The fun part is getting to paint the parts and see your work "pop out". In this case I finally got to paint the top coat color for my replica, Olive Drab green. All the small parts eventually add up to larger ones.....that is how we keep on going on with this project!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Welcome to the VCS blog

Hello All,

Welcome to the VCS blog. Primarily it will be used to update the progress on the P-35A replica we are building. Trying to construct a 74 year old airplane is not the easiest task in the world! Old blue prints, missing parts and information makes things very hard. However through the years many people have been generous and supportive of what we are trying to accomplish. The progress is slow but rewarding when completed. Pictured is the rear fuselage jig and the start of the vertical stabilizer. I will post more pictures and notes and progress is made. We invite you to participate in the process, your feedback is appreciated!